September Speaker


Allen Black

Allen Black was exposed to the pleasures of horticulture at a vey young age in central Pennsylvania. Early exposure to houseplants, flower beds, and vegetable gardening was common for Allen in his formative years.

He is a hobbyist orchid grower and breeder (i.e., non-commercial) living in Richmond, Virginia.

He has been growing and breeding orchids for over 25 years.

His main breeding efforts have been directed at Brassavola-Cattleya alliance novelty hybrids.

He has just registered his  80th orchid!

He performs his own orchid laboratory work, including flask media preparation, seed sowing, & replating.

He has traveled throughout Central and South America to see orchids growing in the "wild".

 Some of the results of hs Orchid breeding efforts can be seen on his web site: Allen Black's Brassavola & Other Orchids.

Allen's topic will be Novelty Brassavola/Cattley Alliance Breeding - Spiders And Stars

Are you growing weary of the meristem, more-of-the-same, big, round, beautiful, Cattleya alliance hybrids?

Do you want some  "different, unique, or exciting"?

This presentation is for you.  There's still hope in the orchid breeding world!

Explore the breeding results of hobbyist orchid breeder, Allen Black.

His breeding efforts have been directed at developing novelty flowers, something different, beautiful, & unusual.

He approaches breeding as an art form.  Breeding Brassavola/Cattleya alliance is his specialty.

The presentation includes lots of beautiful pictures and covers the following topics:

Breeding Goals.

Brassavola species - His favorite parents.

Brassavola primary hybrids.

Brassokeria (Brasavola X Barkeria hybrids).

Other wild & wonderful Brassavola?Cattleya alliance hybrids

Allen will be furnishing the raffle table and will have selling tables for selling his plants.